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Challenges will start here as soon as we have enough members.
That means atleast 10 or more. We now have only 5 including the moderators.
So spam promote your asses off!!!
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what do we do
tell your friends and/or other users you think might be interested. promote in similar communities, all cof related. i dont know if we made a banner yet but you can always just give them a link. (<*lj comm="dani_icontest"> remove the star)
If you desperately want members, I joined.
I don't listen to them all that much, but my boyfriend does and I'd love to make icons here, since I'm always making icons for him.
It's really good to see a dani filth icon site! XD Well,just wondering when the contests would start.I 'eed to get Dani pics and start! XD
Hi, it's Jeslyn16 again-
I was never told if I'd be wanted here or not,
so I decided to ask again.
This community has open membership. You're more than welcome.